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  • What is VoIP Monitoring?
    VoIP monitoring is critical to ensure VoIP and Unified Communications technologies deliver consistently high quality, performance, and the outstanding service levels necessary to drive business communication and collaboration... Read More
  • VoIP Security Vulnerabilities Require Unique and Proactive Strategy
    Anti-virus software is another way to protect softphones and related VoIP software, while deep packet inspection is useful for flagging potentially nefarious packets for closer scrutiny. Session border controllers (SBCs) are an invaluable tool for any network routing VoIP calls, while authorization policies and restrictions can also be helpful for monitoring and controlling all VoIP activity...
  • VoIP Monitoring for 9-1-1 Continuity Keeps Consumers Safe
    Voice over IP (VoIP) is a wonderful thing. It enables us to offload a considerable financial burden when we're able to eliminate the use of the traditional landline. This is especially true in business where all communications over one platform not only reduces cost, but also makes the entire operation more efficient...
  • What's the Deal: Tone Software ReliaTel as a Service
    Unified communications and the cloud go hand in hand in creating a perfect environment for communications today. Delivered properly, the two technologies have the potential to drive ROI and improvements across the board...
  • Low Costs, High Demand Drives Gains in Worldwide VoIP Market
    When the notion of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) first started coming out in the dial-up Internet era, it was a revelation. The idea that long-distance or even international calling could essentially be had for costs better equivalent to a local call was astonishing, and one that stuck with us even as dial-up Internet faded away. The global market for VoIP services, however, did not, and a new report from Persistence Market Research suggests this market will likely see gains for some time...
  • Businesses Need to Use VoIP Monitoring to Ensure Call Quality Remains Consistent
    Jitter is one of the most common issues that can severely impact the quality of VoIP calls. Network backups, congestion and configuration errors can all cause delays when it comes to sending packetized voice. And for a VoIP call, it's critical that packets are sent in a specific order to maintain voice quality, otherwise jitter will result. A jitter buffer can certainly help combat this issue, but businesses and their service providers should also look at their networks to ensure they are capable of handling VoIP traffic...

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How to Bullet-Proof Your VoIP QoS and UC Service Levels

This in-depth White Paper provides insight and answers to ensure you can deliver the rock-solid communications platform needed to drive your business - without breaking your budget!

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End to End Service Level Management for the Entire Cisco Unified Communications Ecosystem

The ReliaTel VoIP and Unified Communications Management Solution is the ideal platform to monitor, manage, and optimize the Cisco VoIP, UC, and collaboration ecosystem that drives business communications for many of the world's largest organizations.

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