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ReliaTel Voice Management Protects VoIP Quality, Improves Efficiency

December 27, 2012

By Ed Silverstein, VoipMonitoringZone Contributor

In today’s demanding world of technology, enterprises need to lower the cost of voice communications, but still use cutting-edge products to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Tone Software’s (News - Alert) ReliaTel software voice management solution provides an effective option. It offers the desired level of communication and provides VoIP management, as well as voice management.


“ReliaTel will assess VoIP readiness, manage and optimize VoIP quality and service delivery, and supports virtually any mix of equipment and technology,” according to a report from Enterprise Communications.

It gives businesses real-time visibility, and a view into converged communications, with application servers, data infrastructure, voice infrastructure and voice services.

ReliaTel also provides metric analysis and tools to analyze, monitor and address issues that could hurt service levels. It can show if a network can support VoIP traffic as well.

The report additionally explains how quality management is provided by several functions. Pre-network assessments, for instance, can analyze and predict VoIP call quality and network performance. VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) is managed in real time, and QoS analytics identify causes of lower quality.

ReliaTel VoIP QoS dashboards and analysis help with quality, as well.  ReliaTel VoIP QoS assurance provides analysis and reporting.

“As companies increasingly rely on VoIP and other communication solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and voice communications, providers such as Tone Software are in a good position to maximize their opportunities,” according to the Enterprise Communications (News - Alert) report.

Just as important, ensuring VoIP QoS helps to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and improve efficiency for businesses.

Tracey Whitney, director of marketing at Tone, explained to TMCnet in a recent interview why the ReliaTel VoIP QoS Management solution is essential in achieving these goals.

“A lot of times, operational support teams have to try this or that and look and hunt and check in several different places in order to try to figure out what’s causing their problem, and that’s a huge burden on the operations team,” Whitney explained. “It delays resolution of problems and creates service level issues. Sometimes it ends up being that users have bad experiences because the operations and support team don’t have the ability to get in front of these problems as they’re developing.”

“They just might not have the analytics,” she added, “and ReliaTel really helps in that scenario to give them trending views to see where they’re starting to develop issues and where they can get in front of these problems before it impacts the user experience, and potentially even communications with their customers and clients, which is of course the worst possible scenario.”

An added plus is that ReliaTel is platform agnostic, so it doesn’t matter what kind of SIP or UC a business is using with Tone’s ReliaTel solution.

“We can seamlessly manage the environment because we’re not hindered by that diversity,” Whitney said. ReliaTel also has deep VoIP quality analytics. “We’re managing and monitoring VoIP metrics at a very deep level.”

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